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Published 3 August 2020 | Updated 4 March 2021

Historical information – state coronavirus restrictions

The information on this page is historical. This means that the information was accurate as at the date it was last updated.

Get current information and advice on workplace rights and obligations during a sudden lockdown at When workplaces shut quickly because of a lockdown.

Lockdown restrictions introduced in February 2021 have now eased in Victoria.

Find information here about workplace rights and obligations during coronavirus. This includes on common workplace topics and where to go for help.

Restrictions in Victoria

In February 2021, the Victorian Government announced temporary restrictions to stop the spread of coronavirus. Most of these restrictions have now eased.

Find out about what restrictions apply now, including for workplaces, at the Victorian Government website – COVIDSafe Settings external-icon.png.

Face masks in Victoria

People in Victoria are required to wear a face mask at certain times. See the rules that apply to face masks in Victoria at the Victorian Government website – Face masks external-icon.png.

Coronavirus testing requirements for some industries

Some industries that are high-risk for coronavirus are required to conduct workplace coronavirus surveillance testing. This is in accordance with Department of Health requirements. For more information, see the Victorian Government website – Surveillance testing industries list external-icon.png.

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Returning to the workplace

We have tools and resources to help employers in Victoria plan the reopening of their workplace.

Our Returning to the workplace – interactive employer tool helps employers get their businesses back up and running during coronavirus. The tool gives tailored information to employers on:

  • returning to the workplace (including after a temporary shutdown)
  • scaling up operations
  • adapting to workplace changes.

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Workplace information during coronavirus

This website has information and advice on workplace rights and entitlements during coronavirus. This includes issues such as:

Use our accordion menu on the homepage to help you find what you need.

Our virtual assistant, Frankie, can also help answer any workplace questions you have. You’ll find her in the bottom right corner of your screen.

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Government support and assistance

Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment

The Australian Government has introduced a Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment for some workers during coronavirus. It is available to eligible workers in Victoria. The payment is available to workers who:

  • don’t have appropriate leave entitlements and can’t earn an income because they need to self-isolate or quarantine due to a positive coronavirus case, or
  • are caring for someone with coronavirus.

For more information about the payment, eligibility requirements and how to claim it, visit Services Australia - Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment external-icon.png.

Victorian Coronavirus Test Isolation Payment

Some Victorian workers may also be eligible for a Victorian Coronavirus Test Isolation Payment from the Victorian Government. Learn more at Victorian Government website – Coronavirus Covid-19 test isolation payment external-icon.png.

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Contact information

If you have an urgent enquiry about your workplace obligations or entitlements, go to our Contact us page.

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