List of enforceable government directions during coronavirus

Published 30 March 2020 | Updated 23 September 2021

During the pandemic, the Australian Government and state and territory governments have issued enforceable government directions to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

Find a list below of federal and state or territory links to access relevant enforceable government directions.

As enforceable government directions are being made regularly, we encourage you to regularly check the links on this page for more information.

Enforceable government directions

Enforceable government directions outline requirements and restrictions for businesses in each state and territory. These requirements are mandatory and there may be penalties for not complying with them.

Enforceable government directions can cover issues such as:

  • physical distancing and density requirements (for example, 1.5 metre distancing and 4 square metres of space per person)
  • limits and restrictions on operations (for example, types of businesses or facilities remaining closed and limits on workplace activities)
  • risk management requirements (for example, COVIDSafe plans).

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States and territories

Australian Capital Territory 

New South Wales

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Western Australia

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Australian Government

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