Tools and help during coronavirus

Published 24 March 2021 | Updated 26 July 2021

Find tools, resources and contact information to support you and your workplace during coronavirus.

Tools and resources

We have tailored tools and resources to help workplaces during coronavirus. This includes:

  • our returning to the workplace – interactive employer tool
  • template letters
  • our virtual assistant.

Our virtual assistant, Frankie, can also help answer any workplace questions you have. You’ll find her in the bottom right corner of your screen.

See how these resources can help you at Tools and resources during coronavirus.

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Resolving workplace issues

Resolving workplace issues on your own can be quick and easy with the right tools. In our experience, most workplace issues can be resolved at the workplace.

Find detailed information for employers and employees on resolving issues at work during coronavirus at Resolving workplace issues during coronavirus.

Our Workplace problems section also has guidance on how to prevent a problem or resolve a problem in the workplace.

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Workplace Legal Advice Program

Our Workplace Legal Advice Program provides eligible employers and employees with independent legal help to deal with workplace issues arising from the coronavirus outbreak. Law firms with specialist workplace experience provide the advice. It's free and confidential.

Read more at Workplace Legal Advice Program – overview.

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Other government information and assistance

We have information on other government services and agencies providing information, advice and services relating to coronavirus. This includes for:

  • payments and services
  • business support
  • health information
  • redundancy and job seeking.

Go to Other government information and assistance now.

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Contact us

If you have an enquiry about your workplace obligations or entitlements during coronavirus, go to our Contact us page.

If you have a workplace question not related to coronavirus, check our main website for information, guidance and resources.

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Previous news and updates

You can view a full list of information updates to this website at Previous news and updates. This includes:

  • a record of changes to our coronavirus information
  • a list of historical changes to awards and workplace laws during coronavirus, such as changes by the Fair Work Commission
  • historical state-based information during coronavirus, such as about state-based coronavirus restrictions.

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