List of awards where unpaid pandemic leave no longer applies

Published 1 July 2020 | Updated 15 June 2022

On 8 April 2020, the Fair Work Commission (the Commission) made determinations external-icon.png varying 99 awards, adding unpaid pandemic leave and annual leave flexibility.

The determinations inserted a temporary new Schedule X into these awards, which provided 2 weeks of unpaid pandemic leave and the ability to take twice as much annual leave at half their normal pay if their employer agreed.

Since that date, the Commission has extended how long Schedule X applies in many of these awards, with different end dates in each award.

For the rest of the awards, Schedule X stopped operating after a certain time. This means that employers and employees covered by these awards can no longer use these provisions.

This page lists the awards that used to have Schedule X but no longer do. It also lists when Schedule X stopped applying.

If your award isn’t listed here, go to Unpaid pandemic leave in awards.

Awards where unpaid pandemic leave has stopped applying 

The table below lists the date the unpaid pandemic leave and annual leave at half pay provisions stopped operating in each of the affected awards.

Annual leave at half pay provisions for all remaining awards can’t be used after 31 December 2021. For a list of these awards, see Awards that still have unpaid pandemic leave and their end dates.

If an employee took leave under Schedule X, the leave needs to have started before the end date. 

Award Schedule X end date
Air Pilots Award 29 March 2021
Aircraft Cabin Crew Award 30 June 2020
Book Industry Award 30 June 2020
Clerks - Private Sector Award 30 June 2020
Commercial Sales Award 29 March 2021
Concrete Products Award 30 June 2020
Educational Services (Schools) General Staff Award 30 June 2020
Educational Services (Post-Secondary Education) Award 29 March 2021
Educational Services (Teachers) Award 30 June 2020
Higher Education Industry - Academic Staff - Award 30 June 2020
Higher Education Industry – General Staff – Award 29 March 2021
Journalists Published Media Award 29 March 2021
Mannequins and Models Award 30 June 2020
Marine Tourism and Charter Vessels Award  30 June 2020
Market and Social Research Award 30 June 2020
Miscellaneous Award 29 March 2021
Passenger Vehicle Transportation Award 30 June 2020
Rail Industry Award 29 March 2021
Road Transport and Distribution Award 30 June 2020
Road Transport (Long Distance Operations) Award 30 June 2020
Sporting Organisations Award 30 June 2020
Surveying Award 29 March 2021
Telecommunications Services Award 30 June 2020
Transport (Cash in Transit) Award  30 June 2020
Travelling Shows Award 30 June 2020
Vehicle Repair, Service and Retail Award 29 March 2021