Tools & resources during coronavirus

Published 6 August 2020 | Updated 2 March 2021

Find templates and tools you can use in your workplace during coronavirus.


We have handy template letters to help employers, including those in the JobKeeper scheme, manage their obligations during coronavirus. We also have more templates available on our main Templates page.

Download the template letter relevant to your workplace issue.

Qualifying employers

For information about qualifying employers and the JobKeeper scheme, see JobKeeper scheme – overview.

Legacy employers

For information about legacy employers and how they can use the JobKeeper provisions, see Legacy employers.

10% decline in turnover certificate

The requirements of the 10% decline in turnover certificate are outlined in section 789GDC of the Fair Work Act. To help legacy employers and eligible financial service providers, we’ve developed a template certificate that we consider meets the requirements of that section. Legacy employers and eligible financial service providers aren’t required to use this template.

Notifying an employee that a direction or agreement will continue or end

Other templates to manage obligations during coronavirus

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Returning to the workplace - interactive employer tool

Employers that have been affected by coronavirus can use our Returning to the workplace – interactive employer tool to help get their workplace back up and running.

The tool gives tailored information to employers on returning to the workplace, scaling up operations and adapting to workplace changes. It can help find the information you need when:

  • transitioning employees back to the workplace, including lifting a stand down
  • changing employees’ hours, duties or work location
  • introducing alternative working options for staff
  • keeping up to date with changes to workplace laws.

Check out the tool at Returning to the workplace - interactive employer tool.

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Myth-busting videos

Watch our short video busting some common myths about returning to work during coronavirus, including myths about JobKeeper and other workplace issues.

In part 1, we deal with leave and stand downs, annual leave and JobKeeper and notice and stand downs. Watch now.

In part 2, we deal with myths about work and the JobKeeper payment, employee duties back at the workplace, and JobKeeper and reduced hours. Watch now: Myth Busting: Returning to work during coronavirus – Part 2 external-icon.png

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