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Published 18 November 2020 | Updated 19 November 2020

We have information about your workplace entitlements and obligations if you’ve been affected by coronavirus workplace restrictions or closures in South Australia.

Restrictions in South Australia

On 18 November 2020, the South Australian Government announced a number of restrictions to stop the spread of coronavirus. The announcements impact some industries and workplaces and apply for a temporary period.

Find out about the industry closures and restrictions at South Australian Government – COVID-19 external-icon.png.

We encourage employers and employees to work together to find solutions for their circumstances. If your work or workplace is affected, please talk to your employer or staff about your options and needs.

Available options may include:

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Taking care of a child

If an employee can’t work because they need to care for a child whose school or childcare centre has closed, they should try and come to an arrangement with their employer. This could include:

  • taking some form of leave, such as annual leave or long service leave,
  • requesting to work from home
  • another flexible work arrangement.

Employees may be able to take paid or unpaid carer’s leave for an unexpected emergency. For example, a school or childcare centre closing on short notice and for a short period due to coronavirus concerns because someone tested positive is an unexpected emergency.

More information on leave options and alternative work arrangements:

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When a workplace is closed due to new restrictions

Alternative work arrangements

Some workplaces will need to consider alternative work arrangements if their sector has been closed or work is impacted by the new restrictions. Employers and employees can consider:

  • working remotely, such as working from home
  • changes to hours of work, such as staggered start and finish times
  • changes to work duties, such as doing different duties at work.

Get more information on alternative work arrangements:

Qualifying employers and employees in the JobKeeper scheme and legacy employers and employees who used to be in the scheme may have different rules for changing working arrangements. This includes changing employees’ duties and locations or giving JobKeeper enabling stand down directions to employees. Check what applies at:

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Taking leave

Some employees may need to take some form of leave if their workplace has temporarily closed. This may be paid leave, such as annual leave or long service leave, or unpaid leave.

Find out your options and what entitlements and obligations may apply at:

Employers can also request or direct employees to take annual leave (or other leave) in some circumstances, for example if their workplace closes temporarily. Find out the rules and entitlements that apply on our Directions to take annual leave page.

Employees may also need to take sick or carer’s leave if they’re impacted by coronavirus and are unable to work (for example, because they’re required to quarantine). Check the options available at Quarantine and self-isolation: pay and leave options.

There may be different rules that apply for taking leave for employers and employees in the JobKeeper scheme and legacy employers and employees who used to be in the scheme. This may include rules about taking leave during a stand down.

More information:

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Stand downs at work

Because of these restrictions, some employers may need to stand down staff. Learn about stand downs and the rules about them at work at Stand downs during coronavirus.

If you're an employer, before you decide to stand any employees down, use our Stand down – employer checklist to make sure you follow the right process and meet your employer obligations.

We have information about stand downs for employers and employees who are in or used to be in the JobKeeper scheme at:

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Workplaces still open for on-site work

The South Australian Government has said that some workplaces may stay open during the increased restrictions. 

Find out which workplaces and industries can remain open at South Australian Government – COVID-19 external-icon.png .

SafeWork SA has information and guidance on changes to work health and safety requirements. Get the most up to date information at SafeWork – Coronavirus (COVID-19) external-icon.png .

More information:

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Government support and assistance

Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment

The Australian Government has introduced a Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment for some workers during coronavirus. It is available to eligible workers in South Australia. The payment is available to workers who:

  • don’t have paid sick leave and can’t earn an income because they have to self-isolate or quarantine due to a positive coronavirus case, or
  • are caring for someone with coronavirus.

For more information about the payment, eligibility requirements and how to claim it, visit Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment external-icon.png on Services Australia’s website.

South Australian Cluster Isolation Payment

The South Australian Government also has a support payment available to workers who are required to self-isolate. Workers must meet certain criteria and not have access to any paid leave or other income support.

Find out more and check eligibility at SA COVID-19 Cluster Isolation Payment external-icon.png .

Services Australia

For information and services to help you if you’re affected by coronavirus, including payments and support, go to Services Australia external-icon.png .

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Contact information

If you have an urgent enquiry about your workplace obligations or entitlements, go to our Contact us page.

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