Changes to workplace laws during coronavirus

Published 30 March 2020 | Updated 14 March 2022

There have been a number of temporary changes to workplace laws due to the impact of coronavirus on workplaces. Some temporary changes stopped applying in 2020 while others may continue to apply into 2022.

Learn what temporary changes apply now and access historical information on award changes and the JobKeeper scheme that no longer apply.

Temporary award changes that apply now

Below are temporary award changes that apply now:

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Temporary award changes that no longer apply

Access historical information in our Library on temporary award changes that no longer apply:

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Former JobKeeper scheme

The JobKeeper scheme finished from 29 March 2021. Information about the rules that applied during the JobKeeper scheme will continue to be available. This means you can continue accessing this information for historical and other purposes. 

Access this information in our Library below:

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