Coronavirus and Australian workplace laws

We’re here to help you understand your rights and responsibilities at work during the impact of coronavirus.

We encourage employees and employers to work together to find solutions that suit their individual workplaces and circumstances.

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News and updates

4 June 2020


3 June 2020


29 May 2020


  • We’ve added a new page Returning to work and the workplace, with information about planning and managing the return to work, including lifting stand downs, alternative working arrangements and directing employees to return to the workplace.
  • We’ve added a new page Quarantine & self-isolation: pay & leave options, with information about paid and unpaid leave options for employees if they need to quarantine or self-isolate because of coronavirus.

27 May 2020



  • We’ve added a search function to help you find the information you need.

22 May 2020



  • We added examples to our Leave & the JobKeeper scheme page to illustrate:
    • interaction of leave periods with JobKeeper stand down directions
    • accrual of leave during a JobKeeper stand down.
  • We added examples to our Pay & the JobKeeper scheme page to illustrate:
    • requests for secondary employment
    • how directions and JobKeeper payments affect other minimum entitlements
    • public holiday pay.

20 May 2020


  • We’ve added a new page Resolving workplace issues during coronavirus. It has links to resources to help you with resolving workplace issues, explains how to ask for help, and has information about disputes and enforcement relating to the JobKeeper scheme.
  • We’ve added our website translator to this website. You can now use the translator to read some pages in your language, including our JobKeeper wage subsidy section. More pages on this website will be available to translate soon.

19 May 2020


  • We’ve added templates to our JobKeeper enabling stand down directions page and Stand down during coronavirus page that employers can use if they need to stand down employees. They include:
    • a letter to notify an employee of a JobKeeper enabling stand down
    • a template to issue an employee with a JobKeeper enabling stand down
    • a template to issue a stand down for employers not accessing the JobKeeper scheme.

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